Optical Design For     Optical     Design     which     incorporates     imaging systems    such    as    camera    lenses,    viewfinder    lenses, eyepieces,   projection   lenses…in   fact   any   optical   system which    requires    an    imaging    component,    please    click below   for   an   overview   of   the   typical   systems   which   we have   designed.   if   you   have   a   new   or   ongoing   project then please get in touch.
Illumination Design Should   you   require   an   illumination   optic   or   lighting system   then   we   can   help   get   your   beams   tighter   and your    light    brighter.    With    extensive    experience    in illumination   optics,   we   can   deliver   a   design   which   will set   you   apart   from   your   competitors   and   have   your customers    in    awe    of    your    fantastic    new    product range. Click below for an overview of our capability!
System Design For    a    full    system    design    which    may    incorporate    a combination    of    illumination,    imaging,    or    any    other optics    which    you    have    an    urgent    need    for    -    then please   give   us   a   call   or   drop   us   an   email   -   we   can   put together   an   entire   optical   system   design   to   ensure that     your     project     meets     both     its     deadline     and specification - click below for further information !
Welcome   to   OptoVise   online   -   please   browse   the   pages   freely   and   please   get   in   touch   if   you   have   any   requirement   for   optical   design services.   We   hope   that   we   can   help   you   with   your   optical   project   design   work   and   will   ensure   that   we   do   everything   possible   to make   your   projects   a   success.   Whether   you   require   a   simple   lens   design   for   a   quick   prototype   or   a   more   complex   lens   design   for   a one-off   system   or   mass   production,   then   we   would   be   delighted   to   discuss   your   requirements,   with   a   view   to   helping   you   make your idea or product a successful reality ! We   are   happy   to   design   to   your   own   specification,   or   if   required   we   can   help   you   put   a   specification   together   which   will   help   in formalising the final design concept. Please get in touch now to discuss your project and let us help you make it a success.
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