Diffractive/Refractive Hybrid Viewfinder

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Two Element Plastic Viewfinder

The scope of the project was to design a two element plastic viewfinder with good  colour correction.  The viewfinder requirement was that it had a 20 degree FOV, 10mm pupil, 25mm  eye relief and was suitable for use with a micro-display of 11mm diagonal.  The design was created with both elements in acrylic (this has lower dispersion than  polycarbonate)  A diffractive surface was added to the rear lens to correct for axial colour.  The resulting design had 61um of corrected colour shift and MTF of 0.5 at 20  cycles/mm for outermost field.  Two element plastic viewfinder layout Viewfinder chromatic focal shift           Viewfinder Spot Diagram Viewfinder MTF Plot
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