Narrowbeam LED Optic

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4 Degree Narrowbeam LED Optic

The specification was to design an optic for a Luxeon LED with a beam of 4 degrees  - FWHM. The optic was to be used for red, green, blue and white LEDs and this had  to be considered in the design phase. The design was created using industry  standard optical design software for both design and optical simulation. The single  element LED collimator was designed using PMMA and the simulation was carried  out using the LED source files supplied by the manufacturer for the Luxeon LED.  The final design gave a FWHM beam angle of 3.8 degrees at best performance and  was manufactured, tested and subsequently used in a number of commercial  lighting projects.  Layout of narrrowbeam LED optic False colour plot of LED/Optic output Cross section plot of LED/Optic output          
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