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Case Studies

Case Studies

A small selection of our design

capabilities are highlighted below

The work undertaken here at 

Optovise varies greatly from 

customer to customer, but we 

undertake to treat all 

customer information with the 

upmost confidentiality. The 

case studies presented here 

do not,in any way, infringe our

commitment to customer 


Design for Manufacture

When designing any optical part or system, we at Optovise always ensure that we take into account the manufacturing considerations, in terms of both complexity and cost. We strive for the most cost- effective solutions whilst maintaining a high level of performance.  

Refractive/Diffractive Viewfinder Lens

Design of a two element plastic viewfinder lens, utilising a diffractive surface for colour correction.

40 Degree Projection lens 

Design of a medium (40 degree) angle projection lens.

Narrowbeam LED Optic 

Design of a narrowbeam optic for use with a luxeon LED  
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Case studies